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Applied macroalgal advice

Do more with seaweed

Applied macroalgal advice

Do more with seaweed

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We are the ISC ...

 The Irish Seaweed Consultancy Ltd. is the only consultancy in Ireland specialising in seaweeds which brings together the benefit of a combined twenty years of experience at the forefront of applied macroalgal scientific research.  

We assist ...

We provide solutions for the Irish seaweed industry with the speed, flexibility and confidentiality that businesses require and that only an independent consultancy can deliver. 

We can provide ...

Biomass surveys, resource management, outreach and education, aquaculture, photo and video media services, laboratory analyses, product and business development.

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Irish Seaweed Consultancy Limited

Room 204, Martin Ryan Annex, National University of Ireland Galway, University Road, Galway, County Galway, Ireland